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Social Media in Project Management

Technology has changed the several ways in which we conduct business today or even the several different methods we can now use to talk to family and friends, with text messaging, Skype, Smart Phones, and several social media websites.  In the case of Project Management, social media has provided another set of tools that can be very useful when managing a project where team members may not all work under the same roof or even are in the same state or country.  Below you will find a few social media tools that you can use that might just help increase the efficiencies in your next project.

Have you ever used an internal project blog or website or SharePoint to publish your project development vision?   This would allow your project team members, around the world to provide their feedback online to the project manager and other project team members, instead of having to contact via the telephone, which is expensive and time consuming, and can slow down the project progress.  By using an internal blog, for example, project team members can use the RSS update to check the new developments on the project occur, no matter if your team members reside in several different time zones.  Team members can also search on past posts, get a quick project status update at any time, and ultimately allows everyone to help move the project along faster with all the project information available at the click of the mouse, no matter what the time is.

Have you ever used Skype for project collaboration? Skype has several capabilities that can help project managers, as it allows you to instant message, call, and video conferencing all using Skype. This can help you run a quick virtual meeting with your team and customers, without having to leave your office.

Have you ever used LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to maintain your personal relationships?  Relationships are very important to maintain in any project and allows you to stay in touch and see what they are up to using these social media networking tools.

Social media can help increase the project results that help exceed the clients’ expectations, as it allows you to collaborate with your team members seamlessly, have fewer communications issues, and can help reduce the number of mistakes that need to be corrected.  Social media also allows the project manager to create a real project community, where your team members even if your team members live all around the state or country, where all team members may or may not see each other.

What social media tools have you used to help manage a project?

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