Pledge to be a Project Daymaker

17 Apr

How would you describe to a friend what a typical day in the shoes of a project manager is like?  Is your answer focused around the actual work, such as it is: challenging, stressful, never-ending to-do lists, or more about the people and the opportunities or gifts that you are given as a project manager to work with several different people and achieve great things that could make someone’s day that much brighter by the positive impacts that a project might on them or just having your presence to listen to them about a work related or personal topic?

In reading David Wagner’s book called “Life as a Daymaker,” he coined a term called Daymaking, which is a person who performs acts of kindness with the intention of making the world a better place for all.  Of course, anyone and everyone can and should be Daymakers, but being fortunate to be in a role as a project manager, where you have the opportunity to work with so many people in a given day, you just might be the only person that they talk to/see that day, so saying “Hi” or simply expressing a smile on your face can make their day that much brighter in the workplace, which in turn makes your day that much more rewarding and enjoyable.

Below you will find some ideas for making your team members day, which were highlighted in David’s book:

  • Pass around birthday cards, get well cards, and anniversary, so everyone can sign them
  • Take your team members out for lunch on their birthday
  • If you read a good book, bring it in and give it to someone you think would also enjoy it
  • Know their children, spouse, or pet names
  • Write thank you notes when you think they did a good job, a customer complimented the, or they made your day
  • Smile and be happy to see them.  We all feel uplifted by people who like us
  • Bring them coffee, tea, cookies, or some other little treat
  • If someone is swamped with work, offer to pick up some lunch for them
  • If you need to correct any error or behavior, do it in a gentle, kind way that tells them that while they made a mistake, you still like them and believe in them

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

-Norman MacEwan


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