Importance of Personal Relationships

08 Oct

This week I traveled to the big gaming show in Las Vegas called G2E, to sign up customers for our special “On the Floor” customer promotion for work.  I have never been to this show before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than that it would probably crowded with lots of people and slot machines.  One highlight of the trip I was looking forward to was getting to talk with our customers and put names with faces with so many of our company’s employees that I talk to on the phone or send e-mails to.  I feel it is important to take time to shake their hand, introduce myself, and learn a little more about them.  I feel it is all about the personal relationships that I find make my job exciting, as you feel that you actually communicating with helping real, live, breathing people, and not just a virtual relationship taking through technology.

Why Are Personal Relationships Importance?

  • Helps Builds Trust/Support Amongst Others
  • Makes Communicating With Others Easier
  • Great Networking
  • Builds Stronger, More Meaningful Business Relationships
  • Great For Your Mental Health When Socializing With Others.  We are social creatures and isolation is harmful.
  • Engage and Observe Verbal and Non-Verbal Behavioral Styles

Tips to Success When Meeting Others In Person:

  • Be aware, in person meetings allows others to evaluate and judge the integrity competencies and skills
  • Most effective communicators may not know everything, but they fine-tuned their speeches to reflect on an important niche where they are the experts
  • Listen to others to show interest in getting to know others and do not steal the show
  • You can’t meet with everyone, so maximize your time by meeting with a handful of people at a time, to make those relationships strong, not just a quick hi and hand shake
  • Follow-up after talking with them to thank them for the opportunity to meet them

What tips do you have when building personal relationships with your business colleagues?

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