4 Tips for Effective Project Managers

04 Sep

A project manager will learn in PMP certification that being effective is an important characteristic to success. When you are effective, you’re helping to make a productive work environment, a successful outcome and a happy client. The four tips below will get you started on being the most effective project manager on the block.

Create a Strong Foundation

Understanding what a successful outcome will look like, before ever beginning a project, is the best first step to success. Once you have the vision, all parties associated with the project, including the client should be made aware of that outcome. Also, avoid failure by knowing your own limitations. You shouldn’t commit to a project that you know you’re unable to oversee. A client deserves to have a project start on the right track, so your honesty is key.

Make Detailed Plans

The best way to avoid problems down the road is by writing out your plan as specific as possible from the onset. Rather than breaking the project into several large tasks, take it a step further by turning those larger tasks into several smaller ones. Not only will it make a project more manageable, but it also makes it more precise, saving you time later on. As always, don’t forget to factor in time for reassessing tasks and fixing mistakes.

Create Accurate Estimates

A client will expect to see estimates for the work you and your employees are doing. The estimates in their simplest form should be based on how long the task will take. Understanding your employees’ capabilities to accomplish tasks should not be overlooked and should keep your estimates realistic. Consider the use of commercial tools in helping document your estimates. As much as your client will want to see the estimates, they’ll equally want to see how you arrived at them.

Keep Track of How the Project Progresses

By recording how much time tasks actually take to complete, future estimates will be more accurate. You’ll also get a better indication of the level at which your employees are working. Honesty is the best policy for the project. Fix problems if the project is behind and never lie to clients about the status of a project. Rather than moving forward, make sure all tasks are completely finished to a client’s standards.

University Alliance provided this article for publication and submitted it on behalf of Villanova University. Villanova offers online PMP training courses that help professionals earn their PMP certification. For more information please visit

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