Brainstorming Importance in Project Management

24 Aug

The concept stage is such an important phase of a project to clearly define the project’s goal and verify the project is worthwhile of perusing further, feasible, and have significant savings over the costs, before an investment is made and fails without providing any value-add.


  • Brainstorming: Pull together a variety of different people with different experiences and backgrounds to come up with several different solutions to a problem and helps to increase the optimal solution for a given project
  • Winnowing: It’s allows good to have the type of person that pokes holes into everything and provides facts that clearly and obviously show that the project will not work or is not worth doing so all view points are put on the table for discussion.

Concept Stage Process:

  1. Define the problem you want to solve/project idea
  2. Find a comfortable meeting environment ready for the team discussion
  3. Assign a note taker
  4. Set a time limit to brainstorm ideas and suggestions
  5. Write down all ideas that are mentioned
  6. Categorize/Condense/Combine/Refine/Organize Ideas to a more polished list/set of actions
  7. Assess/Analyze Effects or Results of Ideas
  8. Rank/Prioritize all options
  9. Determine if project is worthwhile to complete
  10. Agree on next actions/timescale/responsibility


  • Provides the opportunity to make sure everyone is on the same page, so there confusion and misunderstanding if and when the project proceeds further as you have built the foundation of the project with everyone’s input
  • Include all stakeholders in the brainstorming phase, as a consensus may be made on one solution on a project, but having nit-pickers also in the room can uncover issues early on before later that may be deal-stoppers

Project Continues to the Analysis Stage If:

  • Confirmation from the team there are no project deal-breakers
  • All stakeholders are committed to supporting the project
  • Project value exceeds its projected cost
  • Resources on this project are better used on this project than any other activity the company could do with that time and money it will take

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What Tips Do You Have In Regards to Brainstorming?


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