Planning Saves Time & Helps Prevent Issues

11 Aug

Have you heard of the 1:10:100 rule before? Well, this rule relates to the cost to fix a deficiency that can amplify exponentially throughout each stage of the development life cycle. 

Breakdown of the 1:10:100 Rule:

  1. It is always least expensive to plan well and resolve all problems in the conception and planning stages.
  2. If the issue is not resolved in the planning stage, it will cost 10 times more in the building and testing stage
  3. Lastly, it will cost 100 times as much to resolve the problem when the system is in production.

Also, if you spend a lot of time in the planning stage, it not only helps prevent costs, but also reduce the time spent fixing it and delaying the implementation.  I remember spending several weeks preparing a project plan for a project that I started over a year ago and constantly updating the document throughout the project stages.  It takes a lot of time writing and updating the document, but it was so happy to have one document with all the history.  Throughout this project, I have had several different IT resources come on board to work on the development, so it was nice to be able to send them the document to each of the new resources.  They were able to quickly review the document with the history, ask questions, and catch up on the project in a rather quick manner to prevent any further delays in the project.


  • Ask a co-worker for a project plan template or search on Google for some examples
  • Brainstorm with others when writing up a project plan, as a few brains are better than 1
  • As a project manager, take the time to properly define what we are doing and then plan well so you prevent future issues
  • Planning takes more time that you might expect, but it will reduce the project cost, time, and risk
  • Share your project plan with your project team so you can receive feedback and make sure that everyone’s considerations are taken into account
  • Constantly update the project plan so you have one document that is always up to date and has a history log

Please share your planning stories, good or bad, below!

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