What is Project Management?

06 Aug

What Does a Project Mean:

PMI defines a project as a temporary endeavor undertaken to achieve a unique product, service or result

What is the Role of the Project Manager?

  • Bring people together to solve problems and take advantage of new opportunities
  • Manage information about value, quality, time and cost
  • Define the project, plan for the project, communicate to others, track the progress, measuring success, report to upper management, make decisions, support the project and team members, and coordinate project events, such as meetings

Why Does Project Management Matter?

  • Failure to run large projects can sink a small company
  • Weight of several failed projects can drag down profits to a point where a big company is susceptible to acquisition by a competitor and losing its independence

Growing as a Project Manager:

  • Data-Oriented to People-Oriented
    • As a technical person, things and data do what you tell them, while people may not
    • Learn to relax and enjoy unpredictability and diversity
  • Worker Bee to a Manager
    • As a worker bee, you are able to accomplish many things when you sit down and do them
    • Management means doing less busy work and more of delegating,
    • Shift from being dependable to reliable to get the job done and deliver positive results
  • Manager to Leader
    • A project manager, it requires leadership skills to create an environment where a group of people can come together and get things done
    • Some leadership skills required as a project manager include:
      • Inspiring team members
      • Good communication skills
      • Maintain integrity
      • Create enthusiasm in the project team
      • Show empathy
      • Stay cool under pressure, as so on

One thing I have found is that by having a technical and project management background is that it provides you with a strong foundation that can open several doors of opportunity in your career path as both are required skill sets needed by all business.  In addition, project management can be quite a rewarding career path, as it gives you the chance to help others and organizations achieve milestones, while getting the chance to work with several different types of people and learn from them.  

What are your Pros and Cons about the Project Management Field?


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