The Patient Project Manager

20 Jul

One word: Patience.  It may be an easy word to say, but not always easy to do.  So, why is that? 

As a project manager, we are faced with managing several different projects, which can lead to stress, worrying about meeting deadlines, anxious about seeing the end of a project, or even bombarded by tons of e-mails/phone calls, when you have a full plate of work.

Why is Being Patient so Important?

  • Not only is being patient a good practice at work, but also in your personal life, as it will make others feel better and happier to be around you/work with you
  • It is a form of showing respect and care for others
  • The positive behavior can spread throughout the organization and at home, which makes both environment that much better to live/work in, but if you’re stressed and impatient, this behavior can also spread
  • Can lead to a healthier life

What Can You Do To Become/Show You’re More Patient?

  • Put a Smile on Your Face: Wither you are talking on the phone, writing an e-mail, or talking to someone, put a smile on when you talk to someone in person or on the phone or through e-mail
  • Put Yourself in Other People’s Shoes: This helps to remind you that things do take time
  • Expect the Unexpected:  Your plans don’t always work out as intended, so accept the twists and turns in life gracefully and keep expectations realistic
  • Remember What Matters Most: If you don’t focus on what matters most in life, then it fuels impatience.  Be generous in forgiveness, grateful for what you have, and take full advantage of what matters the most in life.  Don’t get worked up over the small stuff
  • Patience Can Get You Places:  If you work hard at something and be patient, it can open more doors of opportunities in life, whether it is job related in tasks or positions or relationships with others

Life can be crazy as a project manager with several balls you may be juggling at any given time, but it’s important to take a moment to reflect on your behavior, as that behavior (impatient/stressed/worried), can all be easily sensed by your project members and spread throughout the organization.

It takes practice to become more patient and can certainly be hard at times, but remember, for every minute you are impatient/upset, you lose 60 seconds of be happy!

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