Employee Feedback Importance

13 Jul

I was recently nominated to participate in an Employee Advisory Committee, at the place where I work, which began on Tuesday of this week.  This committee is made up 18 individuals, from different departments, which are then broken into smaller groups to work on a 1 of 3 posed questions that upper management decides upon, for a 1-year term.  Each team is to then take their question and put together a project presentation to present their findings from employee feedback and research on the topic to upper management.  The information provided to management hopefully helps in their decision-making process to provide an action plan that best fits the needs of employees in all levels of the organization.

During my first two days of the kick-off meeting, it has been quite an interesting and fun experience!  We each experienced:

  1. A presentation from our Chief of Staff Officer that provided us with a management overview of the organization of where we are and where we are headed.
  2. Listen to a few presentations from other senior managers
  3. Took a tour to learn more about our production line and how they build slot machines
  4. Enjoyed socializing with the committee members at a bowling event

Take-Aways From This Experience Thus Far:

  1. Face-to-Face:  Several of the committee members I had sent e-mails/called, but to put a face makes it more personable and you can get to know them better
  2. Become More Aware:  Understand the organization you work for better through management presentations, how your role plays a part in the organization, and how other people’s roles play a part in the organization
  3. Expand Your Network: By having a committee made up of several different people from several different departments, you now have a list of additional contacts and knowledge base to add to your network that you are able to communicate with and help you in your day-to-day job
  4. Share the Knowledge: Opportunity to ask upper management any question that was on our mind and get more of a one-on-experience by working in a smaller committee group size.  This also allows you to take that knowledge back to your department and inform others what you have learned from the presentations and experience
  5. New Experiences: Work with new people that each have different views, diverse levels of experience, and different techniques/tools to bring to the table

Importance of Employee Feedback Sessions:

  1. Essential for an organizational success to tell & keep managers updated about the organizations SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  2. Allows upper management to address issues/challenges
  3. Employees are the mediator between managers & customers, so this allows management to stay informed about customer-facing issues and ways to improve
  4. Allows the employee to help play a role in upper management decision-making

I am looking forward to this opportunity to learn more, on so many different levels, and grow more both as project manager and as a individual.

Have any of the organizations you have worked for ever had an employee advisory committee?  What are your experiences/feedback from it?

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