What Happens When Things Don’t Go As Planned

02 Jul

Several people tend to call me a “jack-of-all-trades” when they hear about all of the projects that I manage or participate in not only at work, but also in my personal life. One of these projects is that I am a Nevada Beekeeper with my family. When growing up as a little girl, you could find our family going to people’s homes to remove bee swarms, tending the bee hives each weekend, having my Dad come to my elementary school classes to talk to my classmates as honey bees, or spending each Labor Day Weekend with my neighbors rending the honey from everyone’s hive boxes into the saved mason jars throughout the year, so each family could enjoy the joys of the wonderful local Nevada honey!

Last Sunday, we received a normal bee swarm removal call from a nearby neighbor, so we gathered our bee suit, hive boxes, and equipment to check out the area where the honey bees were buzzing around. At the bee swarm location, we saw a 60+ year old tree that fallen down, that in two locations, had honey bees flying in and out of the hollowed out tree. So, we took out our chainsaw to cut the tree into smaller sections, in the hopes of finding at least one large bee swarm inside. We were excited to find 2 very strong bee swarms that were inside the tree and transported the swarm into a hive boxes. The homeowner was also quite delighted to have the bee swarms, so the tree could be cut into firewood and out of his yard—a win-win situation I must say. Well, while taking off our bee suits, a honey bee came buzzing along and headed straight for my eye and you can probably guess what happened next…. yes, I ended up getting stung right under my left eye. After quickly removing the bee stinger out from under my eye, we decided it was time to take our two new bee swarms home and allow me to grab a few Benadryl’s to help in reducing the swelling from the bee sting.

As usual, my work week was pretty well-booked with a rollout of a customer promotion, presentation/training with our cross-functional departments, and several status-update meetings for my projects. I went into work on Monday, although my eye had swollen up like I had a bag under my left eye. Unfortunately, by mid-day, my boss sent me home as the swelling started to expand down my cheek, making one side of my face look like my wisdom teeth were taken out. (Yes, I have been stung several times as a beekeeper, but actually the first time under my eye. There are some bee stings that are not bad, while others are not so kind). Well, after a trip to urgent care, my eye is thankfully back to normal and only ended up taking a day and a half off from work to reduce the swelling so I could see out of my left eye again.

Although, my original plan wasn’t to get stung by a bee and end up taking time off work to recover from my swollen eye, but I was still able to keep my projects moving forward, roll out a customer promotion, train the cross-functional departments, and complete the IT development work on a few of my projects, through the gracious help of my fellow co-workers, organization, and the ability to check my e-mails from home.

Although, we may not be able to plan our life out to every detail, as we are faced with different obstacles and opportunities, but the things you can control are how you react/deal with what life brings you to make the very best of it and the gracious help of others.

I want to thank my fellow co-workers for all your help this week and other weeks, as no matter what challenges we face, everyone helps out each other to get the job done.  Great team work!! Thank you!!

How have you handle a situation/task that didn’t go as you had originally planned?


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