Father’s Day & Project Management

19 Jun

In celebration of Father’s Day today and talking with my Dad while we share stories about the past to present, you can definitely say project management skills are utilized when you are a father, let alone parent.  A parent deals with scheduling, budgeting, getting resources to help you with your kids, get buy-in from family members on important decisions, team work, motivation to clean their room, accountability for their actions, and the list goes on.

You often hear from parents that a child does not come with an instruction book, like a new toy does, so is there an instruction book out there on how to be a project manager?  I think whether you are a parent and/or project manager, new or have been one for several years, I find it helpful to continue to learn from others (Blogs, Newspaper, Magazine, Co-workers, Friends), ask for help or advice, and learn from other people’s experiences.

As a parent and/or project manager, you could follow the same process when dealing with a problem (Example: Homework, Planning An Event, Work, Goals):

  1. Understand What the Requirement(s) are
  2. Define How You Are Going to Proceed
  3. Determine The What You Will Need In Order To Do It
  4. Figure Out How Long Of A Time Period You Will Need To Complete The Task
  5. Do the Project/Task
  6. Monitor: Check In From Time To Time To See If You Are On The Right Path, How Much You Still Have To Do, How Long It Will Take, And Compare It To The Time You Have Left

I want to wish all of you a Happy Father’s Day and I hope each of you share a lot of fond memories with your Dad!!  I know I will always cherish the photo (shown above) of my Dad and me when we both were installed as Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron for a local Eastern Star Masonic Chapter in Reno for a special father-daughter year long term.

Please comment  below on how you apply project management skills/principles in your personal life?


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