All About Project Stakeholders

04 Jun

The project management team helps to identify the stakeholders, help to determine their requirements and the expectations of the project, and also help manage their influence in relation to the project requirements to increase the success of the project’s implementation.

 Who are Project Stakeholders?

  • Individuals that have varying levels of responsibility and authority in regards to the project
  • Individuals and organizations that are actively involved in the project
  • People whose interests may be affected as a result of the project’s implementation/completion
  • Have positive/negative influence over the project’s objectives and outcomes

Key Stakeholders on a Project: Project Manager, Business Managers/Owners, Customer/End User, Project Team Members, Developers, Network Administrators, Sponsor, Influencer’s

Why Are Stakeholders Necessary?

All projects, no matter what the size, need to agree upon, to decide the requirements, prepare a budget, who will provide the resources, who authorizes changes, and defines the required standards

Project Managers Role:

  • Manages the stakeholder expectations, which can be difficult as stakeholders often have very different or conflicting objectives
  • Must communicate with all project stakeholders to discover expectations before and during the project execution to avoid a project being perceived as a failure


  • Get all stakeholders involved as soon as possible with your project design, as they might have suggestions or concerns that never occurred to you
  • Ask yourself which groups within in the organization will be effected by the project and ask your project team members also
  • Remember communication is vital on every project and make sure you have upwards and downward communication methods
  • It is important to include stakeholders in the decision-making process, as it promotes their buy-in and support/commitment for the project

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What experiences or tips do you have in regards to Project Stakeholders?


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