What is a PERT Chart?

08 Apr

A Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) Chart is used by project managers to help show the different tasks needed to complete the project, the duration of those tasks and which tasks are dependent of each other.   The completed chart looks like an interconnected web of boxes and lines and are suitable for any size of project.

Below is a list of steps to help guide you to develop a PERT chart for your Project:

1)      Make a list of all tasks required to complete your entire project, the time estimates next to each task for how long it is expected to take

2)      Sort your task list in order of dependency/precedence.  For example, if you’re working at a restaurant, the waitress needs to take the customer’s food order, before the cook can begin making the food.

3)      Number each task on your list, starting with the smallest number on the first task and ending with the largest number on the last task.  Now, you’re ready to create your PERT Chart!

I mostly create PERT Charts in Microsoft Visio, but you can also be use Microsoft Excel or another software programs.

Below is the form in which you make each task look like:

PERT Chart Example

PERT Chart Tutorials:

Image Credit


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